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To Better serve you,

Things to check Before You Call.


Check and see if the breaker has tripped or not. take note of this and let us know because it could help us get you cooling faster.


Check your thermostat and make sure the batteries are good and installed properly. It is always good practice to change batteries every 3-6 months. Also ask us about getting you off of your battery controlled thermostat and upgrade. we are an authorized  NestPRO installer but there are many brands and options available. 


Restricted filters will cause your HVAC equipment to not perform correctly or in extreme cases freeze your evaporator coil. Be sure to make a reminder to check it every 30 days.​


We see this all the time where the weedeater or mower gets wound up in 24V wire ran to condenser. check and see the condition and call us for further action. Could save you time and money. 

Take notes of all things strange or unusual about your HVAC equipment. look for oil, check for noises, smell for burning or foul odors, etc. Any information you can give is helpful. You and your HVAC professional will appreciate it.


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